PDAS resources and support materials for principals / campus administrators

Annual Appraisal Calendar and Annual PL Guidelines

PDAS Annual Review (required for all staff every year)

All teachers must be provided an annual review of basic PDAS procedures three weeks prior to observation, and this review must be documented in MLP for legal reasons. It is strongly recommended that this be accomplished during August in-service to maintain the widest possible window for observations. Please ask your Campus MLP Operator to add "PDAS Annual Update" to the title of any session in which this update is delivered. Teachers' signatures must be on the page with those words in the title above their names.

Print this page for each staff member. For compliance purposes, be sure the phrase "PDAS Annual Update" is in the title at the top on the MLP sign-in sheet before teachers sign in.

PDAS Orientation (new hires)

All teachers and SLPs new to PISD and those former teachers and SLPs who have been separated from PISD for three or more years are required to complete PDAS orientation. There are three options for completing orientation:
  1. Attend a district-delivered session,
  2. Receive orientation at the campus by a trained appraiser, or
  3. Complete the online orientation course.

1. District-Delivered Sessions
These sessions fulfill the TEA requirement regarding PDAS orientation. New hires select from available training dates during the new hire process. Sessions address the basics of the PDAS appraisal instrument and related policies, procedures, and processes through active learning strategies which participants are encouraged to adapt for instruction in their classrooms. In addition, a strong content emphasis is placed on Domains I and II regarding student engagement, active learning, and learner-centered instruction. Learners will be able to:
  • Locate state and local policies regarding PDAS,
  • Summarize the major steps in the PDAS process,
  • Describe the philosophy behind the appraisal process and instrument,
  • Explain the appraisal structure such as Domains and Scoring Criteria, and
  • Define and describe active learning and learner-centered instruction.

(calendar of district provided sessions)

IMG_1561.jpg DSC00772b.JPG Wordle6b.png

2. Campus Orientation
Campus appraisers conduct PDAS orientation when the staff member is unable to attend a district session or if the hire date and the session dates do not align. No employee may be observed for appraisal during the first three weeks of instruction after orientation is complete. For compliane reasons, be certain that the Campus MLP Operator enters "PDAS Orientation" in MyLearningPlan and uses the correct date of the training. Have the teacher sign a 'sign-in' sheet and send that sheet to Professional Learning for filing.

  1. A hard copy of the Teacher PDAS Manualfor the the new hire will be placed in interschool mail to the principal's attention.
  2. is an electronic version of the slides found in the PDAS Teacher Manual for administrator use during the orientation and includes suggested text for discussion purposes. Each appraiser will need to embellish upon and emphasize specific topics per their preference.
  3. Contact Professional Learning if you would like the PPT version of the slides for use in a group orientation.

3. Online Orientation

TEA-approved online version of PDAS orientation. Teachers may complete this 6-7 hour course from work and/or from home as their schedule allows. Contact Professional Learning for registration details.

PDAS Documents and Eduphoria

TSR-Revised 2011.pdf New Teacher Self-Report form (effective August 2011)

Commissioner's_Rules.pdf State of Texas document outlining PDAS regulations

PDAS SBIC Waiver Approval Form.pdf (to submit with campus SBIC report)

(2014-2015 version)

PDAS Time Segments Agreement.pdf

PDAS Summative Conference Waiver.pdf

Eduphoria "Getting Started" Directions for Teachers

Eduphoria Directions for Appraisers

Eduphoria Electronic Signatures