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2010-11 Summer Workshops

Illuminating Learners Activity

Link notes:

Slide 6 - image links to video "Student/Learner 3.0 'The Teacher'"
Slide 7 - image links to poll identifying participants as learners/teachers/students
Slide 8 - image 1 links to Google Wonder Wheel search on engaged learning, image 2 links to Wayback Machine archive of PISD site
Slide 11 - image links to backchannel learning posts on statues
Slide 12 - each image links to a search result for tallest statues in the United States, final image links to poll asking for resources used by participants
Slide 13 - each image links to a sample method of gathering learning via collaborative tools
Slide 14 - image links to post on Kindle books outselling hardcover books on Amazon
Slide 15 - image links to poll on "off-task" device usage
Slide 16 - image links to Wikipedia article on active learning
Slide 19 - image links to video "Augmented Reality"
Slide 20 - each image links to sites related to personal learning network resources
Slide 21 - image links to video "A Vision of K-12 Students Today"

Bookmarks for the presentations can be found at Diigo.